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The largest source of alternate online video sites reviewed and linked for your enjoyment.

We have developed the largest collection of video search tools, video search engines, and video site links on the web. You can use our search functions to search all of the major video sites at once to find the video content you are looking for.

You will also find links to most of the world's international video sites where you can find content not available elsewhere. Bookmark us!

Video Search - Searchable links to the most video sites

Huge selection of video sites to search - you are sure to find what you are looking for. Worldwide video sites, cool video search tools to scour the worldwide web for video and media files.

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You can use this tool to search any FOUR video sites at once. Results appear in a four-paned window. You can drag the panes to resize them. Search for your favorite media FOUR TIMES FASTER!

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Site Site Link About Videopedia with instructional and DIY videos showing you how to do just about anything.
AOL Video ABC News Video: The MSM is finally waking up and putting their content online. See news reports, interviews and old media style content online.
AOL Video AOL Video: Millions of videos - as you would expect for a big rich company backed by Time/Warner.
blip tv Blinkx has over 35 million hours of video for you to browse and/or search through. Excellent interface and effects.
blip tv Blip.TV: Blip claims to level the playing field for independent shows since May 11, 2005. Independent show creators may showcase their original content here.

Break: Multiple channels with media types sorted into categories such as cute girls, movie trailers, game trailers, TV shows and more. Also links to other Break Media such as: ScreenJunkies, CagePotato, Chickipedia, HolyTaco, MadeMan and AllLeftTurns.

Break pays you to upload video content.

ClickPlay User uploaded videos ranked and commented upon by other users. Some videos not found elsewhere. Nice graphics and a clean interface.

clipser Clipser has a very engaging Web 2.0 interface and features millions of videos.
college humor CollegeHumor is for the young and young at heart. You pretty much get what you expect.
DailyMotion DailyMotion has multiple sites in a huge number of countries and in almost any language. Millions of videos and more.
Dalealplay dalealplay is a Spanish language video and media site.
ebaum's world Ebaum's World has videos, banned videos, videos you will not see on YouTube as well as prank calls, soundboards and other fun content.
Fliggo Fliggo lets you create your own video site and community. You can build the next Youtube without any technical knowledge.
GameTrailers GameTrailers is a games related media site with previews, walkthroughs and video of games.
tangle GodTube is now renamed as "Tangle" and it is a Christian oriented media site.
Google Video Google Video will have much of the same content as Youtube, but there are some videos that you will not find on Youtube.
   Hulu Hulu streams you popular television episodes, movies and more - but only in the United States for now... unless you use a US-based proxy.
Spike ifilm is now Spike. Action video and more.
Jaycut Jaycut is an award winning European site that lets you edit your videos online.
LiveLeak LiveLeak used to be known as Ogrish, and it was famous for its raw content of violence, accident scenes and - often - gore. Unlike YouTube, Liveleak does not shy away from nudity, but does not allow porn.
MetaCafe MetaCafe pays you for views! Filter to hide risque content if you choose not to view it.
MovieWeb MovieWeb has millions of movie clips, film trailers, theatrical clips and much more.
My Space Video MySpace Video is geared towards the youthful users of myspace and has tools for embedding videos into MySpace pages.
MyVideo MyVideo is South Africa's free video sharing site.
Pandora Pandora radio is the personalized internet radio service that helps you find new music based on your old and current favorites. Not available in some countries due to copyright restrictions.
peekvid PeekVid was a site that used to link to many popular television shows. They did not host the files, but users uploaded the links. They are offline due to copyright issues. >>>More...
photobucket PhotoBucket is not just photographs, but you can see a wide variety of videos there uploaded by users.
pp2g PP2G.TV is a Dutch language site with a wide variety of video content. Easy to navigate even if you do not speak Dutch.
revver Revver is a video sharing site like the others with some of its own unique features including a wordpress embed.
snotr Rotten Tomatoes is yet another video aggregator with film clips, trailers and more. They produce their own shows and even have an online community.
snotr Snotr is yet another video sharing site.
tangle Strimoo is a video search engine that also hosts some of its own content.
tangle Tangle used to be known as "GodTube" - it is a Christian oriented media site featuring Christian media.
Tudou Tudou is a Chinese multimedia site. You can browse the videos, but all of the written content appears in Chinese.
veoh Veoh has millions of videos and a sleek Web 2.0 interface.
viddler Viddler subscribers can connect their webcams to the site's record feature if they don't have their own camcorder. Allows upload of clips up to 500MB.
videojug Videojug has 1000s of videos, articles, answers & people, here to help you. You can do anything & Videojug will show you how - it's all free, so get involved and get good!
 VidoEmo VidoEmo has tons of videos that it claims are emotional quality. Go and see for yourself!
vimeo Vimeo: A community of people who create their own video content.
WAT A French language video and media site.
Youku Youku: A Chinese video site. A resource full of interesting Asian video content.
Youku YouTube: The world's most popular video site owned by Google.

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