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This search will search only the international video sites for videos not available in the USA.

Banned Videos

We have had a lot of requests from our visitors to create a section for "Banned Videos". Usually, when a video is banned from YouTube, you can still find it on some other site somewhere in the world. Copyright laws differ from country to country, and in some countries the legal authorities are relatively unconcerned with copyrights.

You can search for banned videos using either of our two search engines. You might find more by searching the foreign sites. To help your search, we have included a translator so that you can translate the term you are searching for, and then copy and paste the translated word into the search engine!

Search All of the major International Video Sites in One Search

You can translate your search term here:

Once you have your search term and it is in your chosen language, you can copy and paste it into the search box below, or even simply drag and drop it. Then hit "Search" to find videos in other countries and languages.

If you have trouble reading your results, you can use our translator to get the term you seek and then use the search box in any of the foreign video sites we have linked to on our international video sites page.

Some Sites That Will Host Banned Videos (and links to the banned video sections)




If you are looking for porn sites, sorry, WE DO NOT LINK TO PORN SITES! :)

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