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International Video Sites

If you are looking for unique content - things you will not normally encounter on your own country's sites, go and see what people around the world are watching! Here is a listing of foreign video and media sites where you can peruse the content.

Most of these sites do not have an English language version, but you may often get a pretty good idea of what the videos are about by the thumbnail images. You can use a translation tool to find search terms if you are determined to discover content on foreign sites.

Often, sites in other countries have different copyright regulations and you may find videos there that have been removed from Youtube or other popular sites.

Click on the logo to visit the site. You can sort the sites by clicking on the header (the black area) at the top of the page. They are currenty sorted alphabetically.



Site Country/Language About China / Chinese one of the largest video sharing websites in China, where users can upload, view and share video clips. The domain attracted at least 3.2 million visitors annually by 2008. They were shut down once by the Chinese government and are on the edge in China.
Ameba Vision | Japan / Japanese Ameba Vision: Japanese video site
Avex Network | Japan / Japanese Avex: Japanese video site with a large number of music videos from Japan and worldwide.
Chakpak | India / English Chakpak is an Indian portal with a video section. Much information on Bollywood, including trailers music video and Indian celebrities.
Clip VN Vietnam / Vietnamese is a Vietnamese video sharing site. You may find copyrighted material here that has been removed from other sites.
dalealplay | Spain / Spanish dalealplay is a Spanish language video and media site.
Daum TV | Korea / Korean Daum TV is a Korean language video site. All content appears only in the Korean language.
Daum TV | China/USA / Chinese/English Ding TV is a Chinese language video site. There is a choice of languages including English.
FreeChai Korea / Korean FreeChai is a Korean language site with advanced video capabilities and a nifty Web 2.0 interface.
Jaycut Europe / English Jaycut is an award winning European site that lets you edit your videos online.
kantai Japan / English/Japanese is the official Japanese government video site and foreign language video service delivering news and official content about Japan to foreigners.
klikplej Poland / Polish Klikplej is a Polish language video site with much unique content and a nice Web 2.0 interface. "Klikplej" is the phonetic spelling - in Polish - of "Click Play".
Libero Video Italy / Italian Libero is a major Italian portal that has a video section featuring Italian and international video.
migame Korea / Korean Migame is a Korean language video site.
MyVideo South Africa / English MyVideo is South Africa's free video sharing site.
Nico Video Japan / Japanese Nico Video: A Japanese video site with that silly sense of Japanese humor.
Open V China / Chinese Open V: Another Chinese video site.
pp2g Holland / Dutch PP2G.TV is a Dutch language site with a wide variety of video content. Easy to navigate even if you do not speak Dutch.
Smej | Sweden / Swedish Smej is a Swedish portal with a video section. Click on the logo to follow the link to the videos.
Tudou China / Chinese (Simplified) Tudou is a Chinese multimedia site. The world's largest bandwidth user, streams more media than YouTube.
Tu TV Spain / Spanish A Spanish language video and media site.
VOD Iqilu China / Chinese Vod Iqilu: A Chinese language video and media site.
WAT France / French A French language video and media site.
WAT Russia / Russian Yandex video: Video content from Russia's largest web portal.
Youku China / Chinese (Simplified) Youku: A Chinese video site. A resource full of interesting Asian video content.
Youku Japan / Japanese A Japanese video site. A resource full of interesting Japanese video content.

All logos, trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders. This site is not affiliated with any of the listed sites.

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Since many of the above sites do not contain much English, you should translate the search term into the target language to find more results. You can use this mini-translator:





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