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Video Search Engines, Search Tools

Custom video search engines with our own unique algorithms designed to find videos on the Internet.

Some of our specialized video search engines and tools are on this page. You can now find videos from all over the world.


Search Videos

We have some dedicated search tools here to help you find more obscure and hard-to-find video and media from around the world.


Search the web for videos by file type!

You can use this tool to search the entire Internet for video files by file extenstion. There are over 500 extensions to choose from - the most commonly found ones are highlighted in yellow. Some of these extensions are quite rare and so there may not be many results. You may simply select a file extension, then leave the search box empty to find rare video files.

Search All of the major International Video Sites in One Search

You can translate your search term here:

Once you have your search term and it is in your chosen language, you can copy and paste it into the search box below, or even simply drag and drop it. Then hit "Search" to find videos in other countries and languages.

If you have trouble reading your results, you can use our translator to get the term you seek and then use the search box in any of the foreign video sites we have linked to on our international video sites page.


Search all the major Video Sites with one search (Does not include international)


More Video Search Engines

Google Video Search

Strimoo Video Search Engine


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