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Video File Types

There are hundreds of video file types and you may search for your videos by the file type. Each of these file types has its own file extension, all of them are listed here. We have even built a search engine to scour the Internet for video files by file extension.



Search the web for videos by file type!

You can use this tool to search the entire Internet for video files by file extenstion. There are over 500 extensions to choose from - the most commonly found ones are highlighted in yellow. Some of these extensions are quite rare and so there may not be many results. You may simply select a file extension, then leave the search box empty to find rare video files.

Video File Extensions List

263 H.263 encoded video file
264 H.264/MPEG-4 AVC video file
3g2 3GPP2 multimedia file
3gp Multimedia files for wireless networks
3gp Nokia 7650 Video Recorder video file
3gp2 3GPP2 multimedia file
3gpp 3GPP Third generation partnership project movie
3gpp2 Multimedia files for wireless networks
3mm Microsoft 3D Movie Maker video file
3p2 3GPP multimedia file format
44 Clipstream 32 Kb stream
4xm 4XM video format
60d CCTV video clip file
acw Captioning system file
ad After Dark screen saver file
adr After Dark random screen saver module
afl AnimaFlex RubberFlex animation file
am2 AutoPlay Menu Studio ver.2 data file
am3 AutoPlay Menu Studio ver.3 data file
am4 AutoPlay Menu Studio version 4 data file
am5 AutoPlay Menu Studio ver.5 data file
am6 AutoPlay Menu Studio ver.6 data file
am7 AutoPlay Menu Studio ver.7 data file
amc AMC media file
amv AMV video file format
aps Flash file
apz AMS shared project file
ara ATI Radeon video driver
asd Advanced Streaming Format description file
ask ALShow Media Player skins
ass Flash file
ast Astound multimedia file
asx Microsoft Advanced Streaming Redirector file
asx Video file
aut Microcraft AUTHOR eLearning file
avc Advanced Video Coding (MPEG 4 AVC)
avd Magix Movie Edit Pro video data file
avf Video information
avi Audio Video Interleave movie
avl Video fun file
avr MPEG-2 transport stream file
avs Animation file
avs Application Visualization System format
awlive Active WebCam live capture
awm Animation Works Movie video file
axm Axmedis object
az WinDVD related file
badongo Badongo information service file
bam Bravo! archived media file
bay Kodak/Roper Bayer picture sequence file
bbv PPLive file
bdm AVHCD video information file
bdmv Blu-ray information file
bik BINK video file
bix Video file
biz ShowBiz project file
bnk Bink compressed file
box ThrottleBox multimedia viewer file
box Kodicom video file
bpj Project file
bs4 Mikogo session video recording file
bsf AVC Blu-ray video format file type
bts Creative Digital Blaster Digital VCR file
bub Photobubble file
bup Backup of DVD info file
c2r Microsoft Windows Media Center click-to-record file
cak FILM/CPK file format
cam Calibrated camera file
cam Camtasia Studio project file
cam TibiaCam TibiaLive or BynaCam Tibia movie file
camproj Camtasia Studio project file
camrec Camtasia Studio recorder file
camthtr Camtasia Studio theater file
ccp CaptureCAM-PRO screen recording file
ccr Atari Jaguar Cinepak film
cct Macromedia (Adobe) Director Shockwave cast file
cin Quake 2 cinematic video file
clpi Blu-Ray clip AV stream file
cmv Creative Zen/Centrale Media Player video file
cor WMOVIEC input file
cpk Sega FILM/CPK file format
crv IPcam video format
ctd Sony Click to DVD project
ctd Simpsons Cartoon Studio export file
cvc cVideo file
d2v DGIndex project file
d3v Datel video file
dal DVD-lab project file
daproj DivX Author project file
dat Video CD MPEG movie MPEG1
dav Mace DVR-1600HP video file
db2mov DeepDVD Movie authoring project
dc8 Video file
dce Drivecam video file format
dif DVCPRO or DV video file
dif Digital Interface Format
dir Adobe (Macromedia) Director file
div DivX movie
divx DivX Media Format
dlx Sony VDU file format importer
dmb Digital multimedia broadcasting file
dmf DemoForge demo file
dmo Demo file
dmsm Roxio Creator VideoWave movie project file
dmss Roxio Creator VideoWave slideshow project file
dof DOSBox movie capture format
dpd Dish Network DVD recorder file
dpg nDs-mPeG video file
dps dpsVelocity split video file
drt Adobe Director shockwave export file
dsf Vicon Kollector CCTV recording file
dsm Media Player Classic DSM streaming container
dsy Besta video file
dv Digital video file
dv-avi Microsoft DV-AVI video file
dv4 Bosch Security Systems CCTV video file
dvdmedia RipIt DVD backup file
dvi Action Media II Digital Video Interactive movie
dvm DVM Movie File Format
dvr Microsoft Windows XP Media Center recorded television file
dvr DVR-Studio stream video file
dvr Planet Technology security video file
dvr-ms Microsoft Digital Video Recording
dvsd Digital video file
dvx DivX movie
dwz Ulead DVD MovieFactory project
dxa DXA video format
dxr Adobe Director protected movie file
ecf Eventcorder File
enc MPEG video file
epb EP Budgeting file
ev2 Java video format file
eva MSX video file
evo HD DVD video file
eye Eyemail ETI Camcorder Pro video file
eye Eyeris encoded audio video file
ezp EDIUS project file
f4v Adobe Flash mp4 file
fbr BB FlashBack recorded video file
fbr Mercury screen record file
fbz BB FlashBack screen record file
fcm FCEUX FCE-Ultra movie capture
fcp Final Cut Pro project file
film Filmkey Player media file
film Sega FILM/CPK file format
flc AutoDesk FLIC format
flc Presentation, film clip file
flh Flash Video High Definition file
fli Autodesk Animator FLIC animation old format
flic Autodesk Animator animation file
flm AutoCad Film roll file
flm Adobe Filmstrip file
flv Flash video file
fmc MotionArtist animated clip
fmf Unknown video file format
fmv Bink Tools Full Motion Video file
fr Finalburn Alpha movie capture file
fre Creative Digital Blaster digital VCR file
fvi Unknown Video file format
fvt Fast Search & Transfer video format
g64 Video file
gl Grasp video
gmm Global Mobile Media file
gmt Global Mobile Television
grasp Graphical System for Presentation animation file
gtp MultiFS video file
gts CaptiveWorks PVR video recording format
gvi Google video file
gxf SMPTE GXF container
h-263 H.263 encoded video file
h.263 H.263 encoded video file
h261 H.261 video format
h263 H.263 video format
h263+ H.263+ (H.263v2) video format
h264 H.264 video file
h4v H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC
hav Video Recorder video file
hdmov Apple QuickTime HD Movie file
hkm Havok movie file
hmt HighMAT file
hnm Cryo HNM movie soundtrack file
hs HyperStudio stacks
htd HyperTRANSCRIBE project file
htp Honest Technology Video Editor project file
icv Bond film in AVI format
ifo DVD movie information file format
imovieproj Apple iMovie project file
imovieproject Apple iMovie project file
intl Intel video file
ipf particleIllusion SE project
ipr Apple LiveType animation file
ipx Interactive Pictures Corporation AV File
iva Surveillance video file
ivf Indeo Video File
ivm Interactive Visual Media video format
ivr RealPlayer Internet video recording format
ivs Internet streaming video
ivu ImmerVision XML user interface
izz Isadora Media Control project file
izzy Isadora project file
jts JVC Cyberlink AVCHD video file
k3g GOM Player file
las Light-O-Rama animated sequence file
lit Movie file
lmv LiveSwif movie file
lsf Advanced Streaming Format File
m-jpeg M-JPEG file
m15 Apple QuickTime file
m1pg iFinish video file
m1s MPEG-1 system stream file
m1v Moving Pictures Experts Group video (MPEG-1 IPB)
m21 MPEG-21 video file
m2p MPEG-2 file format
m2s MPEG-2 audio video file
m2t MPEG movie file
m2ts MPEG-2 stream (Blu-Ray)
m2v MPEG-2 Packetized Elementary Stream
m3a MPEG-3 audio
m4e MPEG-4 video file
m4u MPEG-4 playlist file
m4v MPEG-4 video file format
m65 REI Camera System format
mad Electronic Arts game movie file
mbv JVC Everio MediaBrowser movie edit file
mcf MCF Media Container file
mcg DX-client backup file
mcp MSN Content Plus installer file archive
mct MSN Messenger packaged wink file
met Active Sky export file
mfp Mjpeg video file
mgv Sony PSP video file
mio mexReader multimedia file
mjpeg Motion JPEG video
mjpg Motion JPEG Video File
mks Matroska subtitles stream file
mkv Matroska video-audio multimedia file
mmm MultiMedia Movie format (RIFF RMMP)
mmm Multimedia movie
mmp Multimedia player movie clip
mms Multimedia Messaging Service message file
mmv MicroMV movie file
mnv Sony PlayStation movie file
mod JVC Everio digital video file
mod Hard disk camera movie
moff Picture Motion Browser file
moo Apple QuickTime movie clip file
moov Apple QuickTime container file
mov Apple QuickTime digital movie file
movie Apple QuickTime movie
mp MPEG compressed movie
mp0 MPEG2 file
mp21 MPEG-21 multimedia file
mp2v MPEG video file
mp4 MPEG-4 video file format
mp4 Nero digital file
mp4 Sony XD CAM-EX movie file
mp4v MPEG-4 video file
mpb TruVideo video-only MPB stream file
mpcpl Media Player Classic's playlist file
mpe MPEG movie (Motion Pictures Experts Group)
mpeg MPEG movie
mpeg1 Multiplexed MPEG-1/2 file
mpeg2 Multiplexed MPEG-1/2 file
mpeg4 MPEG-4 video file
mpg MPEG 1 video file format
mpg ProgDVB MPEG2 video file
mpg2 MPEG-2 video file
mpg4 MPEG-4 video file format
mpgindex Adobe MPEG index file
mpj Mountain video editing file
mpj Video Edit Magic project file
mps MPEG-1 audio and video file system stream
mpv MPEG 1 video file
mpv2 MPEG II video file
mqv Sony Movie Player file format
mrd Verint Camera System format
msh Adobe Visual Communicator project file
mswmm Microsoft Windows Movie Maker project
mt2s MPEG-2 transport stream file
mts AVCHD MPEG-2 transport stream file
mtv MTV video format
mv IRIX command compressed movie
mv4 Apple QuickTime file
mvd MicroDVD DVD movie
mvd Movie Edit Pro video file
mve Fanta Vision Movie file
mve Interplay video file
mvf Production Studio Video file
mvp Movie Edit Pro video project file
mvw m-View stream file
mxm Magix file
mys Vineyard captured video file
noa Japanese cell phone video movie file
npv Pixbend Player pixbend media file
nut NUT open container file
nuv MythTV NuppelVideo video file
nvavi Split AVI Audio video interchange format
nvc Nero Vision Express project file
of LessDATA Video System OneFile file format
ogm Ogg media file
ogv Ogg Vorbis video profile
ogx Ogg Vorbis multiplex profile
olproj Adobe OnLocation file
omf Avid video editor interchange data
p64 H.261 encoded video file
pa MPEG file
pa Cliprex video file
pa RealPlayer file
pae Projet Personal AVI Editor file format
par Dedicated Micros DVR recording file
pcf DD PrintCenter document
pds Cyberlink PowerDirector project file
pjr DVDx project file
plb LogoShow screensaver
pmf Sony PlayStation PSP movie file
pmp PMP video file
ppj Adobe Premiere Pro video editing project file
prel ADobe Premiere Elements project file
pro ProPresenter export file
prproj Adobe Premiere Pro project file
psp MPEG-4 video file
pva PVA video file
pvr Wintal PVR video file
px Photodex Producer streaming video
pxm PCSX movie capture format
pxv Pixbend media file
pyv Microsoft PlayReady video file
qt Apple QuickTime movie clip
qtc Apple QuickTime support file
qtm Apple QuickTime Movie file
qtv QuickTime Virtual Reality file
qtvr QuickTime VR file format
ratDVD ratDVD commpressed DVD movie
rax RealMedia streaming file
rca RCA digital recorder format
rcproject iMovie project file
rec Topfield TF5800 record file
rec Record file
rec TibiCam Tibia files
rf RealFlash clip
rm RealMedia
rmd RealPlayer media file
rmf RealMedia file
rms RealMedia Secure Media file format
rmvb RealMedia variable bitrate file
roq RoQ video format
rpl ARMovie video file
rpl Escape Replay compressed video file
rts RealAudio RTSL document
rts Apple QuickTime real-time streaming protocol file
rtsl RealAudio RTSL document
rtsp Apple QuickTime real-time streaming protocol file
rtv NewTek uncompressed video file
rum Bink video subtitle file
rv RealVideo video
rvl muvee project
rvx Real protected video file
san LucasArts Smush Animation Format file
sbsc Adobe Soundbooth score document
sbst Adobe Soundbooth score template
scc Scenarist closed caption file
sce Hypervideo file
scm Lotus ScreenCam movie file
scm Super Chain media file
scn Pinnacle Studio scene file
scr DivX video
scs Samsung Q105 phone screen saver file
scx Sony GigaPocket scene information
sdv Pinnacle Studio DV video editing project
sec Disney Animation Studio secured animation file
sec Sony PlayStation PSP GuinXell SecPlayer video file
seq StreamPix Norpix sequence file
sfvidcap Sony Vegas video capture file
sgv Security camera moving image
sgvx Security camera locked moving image
sky ActiveSky movie clips for Palm OS
slc at&t U-verse video file
sm StepMania song file
smi RealPlay SMIL File RealPlayer G2
smk RAD Video Tools Smacker compressed video
smpg Sealed MPG movie
smv VideoLink saved mail video
smv SigmaTel motion video
smv Streaming mobile video file
smz Audio or video file
snd Sega FILM/CPK file format
sol Adobe Flash shared object
ssm RealAudio standard streaming metafile
ssw Sealed flash file
st4 Pinnacle Studio 400 project file
stk HyperStudio stacks
str SONY PlayStation movie stream file
stu Pinnacle Studio video project
stx Pinnacle Studio project file
svd Video CD file
svi Samsung video file
swc Adobe Flash component distribution file
swf ShockWave Flash, Animated vector format for the Internet
swi Swish file
swt Adobe Flash templatized SWF file
swt Macromedia (Adobe) authoring Flash file
swt Swift Generator template file
swz Adobe Flash Player signed RSL file
tda3mt DivX author template file
tgv Electronic Arts video file
thm Video Thumbnail file
thp Nintendo GameCube THP video
tir Tibia RePlay Tibia movie file
tivo TiVo video file
tix DivX video download activation file
tmf TM player file
tmv TibiaMovie Tibia movie file
tod MPEG-2 transport stream
tod Hard disk camera movie
tp MPEG-2 TV recorded file
tp0 Mascom PVR video file
tpd JVC Cyberlink TOD video file
trn NSME Trains screensaver file
trp Kaon DVB transport stream file
trp MPEG-2 TV recorded file
trt Free-to-air video file
ts MPEG-TV recorded file
ts4 Media format
tstream SwarmPlayer video stream control file
tts Video file
tv Samsung digital TV receiver video file
tvml TV NOW Portable Video Recorder audio
tvod Apple QuickTime movie or JPEG picture file
tvs VectorMAX streaming video
tvv TV NOW Portable Video Recorder video format
tx3g MPEG-4 file
urc Unicenter Remote Control file
usm ScaleForm GFX Player file
uvcab UVScreenCamera films
uvf UVScreenCamera films file
uvnts UVScreenCamera notes
uvs UVScreenCamera segments
uvseg UVScreenCamera segments
v Utawarerumono video file
vbs MPEG movie clip
vc1 VC-1 video file
vcd Video CD file
vcl Roxio Video CD layout file
vcm Interwise participant recorded WebCast file
vcs Video Clipstream video file
vcv ViewCave video file
vdf ViewCave video file
vdm VDM play file
vdr VirtualDub Frame Server file format
vdx The 7th Guest file
veg Sonic Foundry Vegas video project file
vem MM Video e-mail file
vf Vegas Movie Studio project file
vghd VirtuaGirlHD video file
vgz VGuard proprietary H.264 CODEC video file
vid Media Player video
vid Apple QuickTime video file
vid SymbOS VID video
vid TrialDirector VideoNote file
viewlet Qarbon Viewlet
viv RealNetworks VivoActive ActiveX Control
viv Vividas video file
vivo RealNetworks VivoActive movies and audio
vlab VisionLab Studio project file
vob DVD video object file
vos Vosaic video mosaic file format
vp3 VP3 encoded video file
vp6 VP6 encoded video file
vp6 Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 video file
vp7 TrueMotion VP7 video file
vpd PhotoDVD project file
vpg VideoPad video file
vpj VideoPad video editor project file
vro Video recordable file
vse Video Server E video file
vtf Video2Flash file
vvf Digital Video Recored or Camera video format file
w32 WinCAPs subtitle file
w3d Adobe Shockwave 3D scene export file
wcp WinDVD creator project file
webm Matroska WebM video file
wlmp Microsoft Windows Live Movie Maker project file
wm Windows Media Audio or Video file
wm3 VisualNastran file
wma Windows Media Audio
wmmp Windows Movie Maker project file
wmv Windows Media Video file
wp3 Microsoft Photo Story project file
wsa WebSynth media file
wsm Megaman X8 video file
wtv Windows Media Center recorded television file
xas Sony Playstation video file
xba Timespace Technology video file
xl Old Amiga movie format
xmm GEX MP3 satellite receiver saved file
xmv XBOX Video file
xpv Integral video file
xsr Unknown video file format
xvid XviD Codec
xvw XVW export file
xwmv Microsoft Windows media file
xxx Controlware VJ400 digital CCTV recording


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