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War Videos (War Porn)

Military action videos are a popular genre and are often referred to as "War Porn". They are somewhat controversial, and even a few sites offering such videos have been shut down, such as the famous site "" which was shut down by the Florida Attorney General's office.

Site Site Link About Apache Clips: Uncompromising military content. They have banned all Jihad propaganda. Grouchy Media: The Internet for US Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.
LiveLeak LiveLeak used to be known as Ogrish, and it was famous for its raw content of violence, accident scenes and - often - gore. Unlike YouTube, Liveleak does not shy away from nudity, but does not allow porn. is an overall military portal, we have linked to their videos section.
Military Military is where the military goes to buy documentary footage and archive film.
MilitaryVideos.Net http://www.MilitaryVideos.Net MilitaryVideos has a large selection of war, military, training and documentary footage.
Real Military Network Real Military Network has a large selection of war, military, training and documentary footage.
Spike: Warzone Spike has a section called "the Warzone" where they have military, documentary and war footage.
Warfare Videos WarFare Videos has plenty of "War Porn" and other non-warfare related content.

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